A Complete Guide for Delightful Vegan Living

Veganism is a set of choices stemming from a simple logic: Any being that
feels pain should not be put to pain. Thus, a vegan avoids all animal
products: Milk & its products (milk, paneer, cheese, ghee, butter, curd,
etc.),meat, eggs, honey(substituting them with their plant based versions
for taste,if desired), wool,leather,fur,pearl,silk,etc. Vegans refrain from
animalAtested products too, to the extent possible. Veganism is a win-win-
win, in terms of ethics, environmental sustainability and human!health.

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CompleteGuideforDelightfulVeganLiving – A5

For more detailed pointers / recipes visit http://hyderabadvegans.wordpress.com/tipsAforAaAsmoothAshift/

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